University IP and OpenSource

Dave Berry daveb at
Fri May 14 10:01:30 UTC 1999

At 10:25 14/05/99 +0100, Richard Watts wrote:
> IANAL, and this is wrt. the UK - I believe it can, but only by
>contract - there's usually a clause in the matriculation agreement to
>the effect that anything produced during their course is the property of 
>the University.
> The solution to this is either to strike out the offending clause and
>see if you can get away with it, or to go to another University.

IMO, a more practical solution would be to find the appropriate person to discuss the matter with, and get a written exemption.  As a related example, my company claims rights to all the code I produce, but I can get exemptions for any particular project by negotiation.

The underlying guideline is that even a large bureacratic organisations like a university is not a homogenous "it".  It is made up of people, many of whom are approachable and reasonable.


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