MeepZor license

bruce at bruce at
Fri May 7 19:27:19 UTC 1999

> Why?  Partially because none of the licences
> I saw listed quite met my intentions, and
> partially (a much smaller part) as a test case
> for my understanding of the OSD.

Except for the BSD-like advertising clause you could use another license.
The LGPL or MPL would be a good choice. You can use trademark law to protect
your trade-names, including them in the license rather than a separate
trademark statement doesn't gain you much.

So, are you really wedded to that advertising clause? If you can live without
it, please spare us yet another license. In general I encourage people to use
the X license rather than the BSD license, since the BSD advertising clause
is considered "obnoxious" and IMO has never effectively been enforced.



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