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Mon May 3 16:32:41 UTC 1999

"Richard B. Dietz" wrote:
> can a distinction be made between the code that goes into an opensource
> project under gnu gpl and the interface and/or artwork that comprises what
> the user sees and interacts with.  if the code specifies a novel
> interface, how can a gpl'd project protect the design from commercial
> scavenging?  can it? should it?

I think Microsoft and company most eloquently demonstrated that a user
interface is copyrightable.

If the code is what generates the user interface, I see no reason why
the copyright applied to the code wouldn't apply to the UI generated
as well.  Which brings up the question of WINE...

Maybe one of the lawyers out there could care to cite a case about this?
(C'mon.. I know you're out there! <g>)

Signal 11

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