Please help me out

Matěj Cepl Cepl at
Mon May 3 07:36:01 UTC 1999

I do not want to be nasty, but are you sure, that by using term "Open
source" on your pages (e.g., you do not infringe the IP
rights of OpenSource Initiative? Is your licence approved by OSI so that
you can use iot or is OSI in the state of "not yet" so it is freely
available to anybody?


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> Hello everyone,
>   Would you mind taking a look at the license at the following
> location
> and letting me know how well it fits into the Open Source definition
> and
> any other issues you can see with it.
> Please excuse the lousy HTML, I just got it, and didn't have tons of
> time
> to spend making it pretty...
> Thanks in advance!
>   Pat
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