RFC: Content license for web site

Aaron Turner aturner at linuxkb.org
Tue Jun 22 20:00:42 UTC 1999

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this list and was wondering if I could get some feedback
regarding a license I wrote (based on the Netscape Open Directory License)
for a web site that I'm helping to develop.  The site is called the Linux
Knowledge Base Project and intends to be a centralized repository for both
existing content (we'll be mirroring other sites) and our own unique
content that is contributed by Linux users.

The changes were to impliment:
1)  Requiring other parties who use our content to notify us
2)  Requiring other parties that re-distribute modifications of our
content to make reasonable efforts to provide us with those modifications
3)  Take the necessary steps to keep the original authors license for
mirrored content.

I've posted our intended license (with the modifications I've made in red
text) as:


You can read the original NOD License at:


I know that the open source definition mostly concerns software licensing
but would appreciate to get feedback from you.


Aaron Turner
aturner at linuxkb.org
LinuxKBO Core Developer

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