Off-topic note by newbie [Was: RE: IBM's XML4C license (or a bett er alternative to termination)]

Matěj Cepl Cepl at
Fri Apr 30 07:05:37 UTC 1999

> Pardon the diabolical href:
> 324A58C6B4028825670F00616604&file=/g/g.nsf/img/files/$file/xml4c_comme
> rcial_license.lic&tech=xml4c
	[MCepl]  Sorry for off-topic: a long time ago when functionality
of Lotus Notes supporting its webserbing, one of the marketing arguments
was, that with Notes you can produce much better URLs than a diabolical
one produced by some cgi-bin applications. :-)

	I guess, that it is not the best introduction, but I just wanna
say hello to the list: I am a Czech lawyer working in the area of IP law
here for many computer companies and the last year I produced a legal
analysis of free licences under the Czech law (sorry, in Czech, english
version is being prepared and it takes a long time to finish).
Therefore, I would love to find a place, where I could meet a people
willing and able to discuss all this licence stuff.

								Have a
nice day

Matthew Cepl 

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