APSL 1.1 certification...

Brian Behlendorf brian at hyperreal.org
Sun Apr 25 06:24:07 UTC 1999

Hi folks.  The issues raised in the last week on this list about the APSL
1.1, in particular about the language used in section 9.1, have been very
persuasive in our consideration of whether to grant OSI certification.
Because of that, we have not arrived at a consensus on whether to certify
yet, or deny it.

This is not like programming, where the validity of a body of work can be
concretely measured against a set of criteria. Here, we have to think
about intent, but to a greater extent, we have to think about the setting
of precedents.

So we're going to take a bit more time before we make a public decision -
we just thought we'd let you know since we committed to saying something
by Friday.

	The OSI Board of Directors.

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