APSL 1.1 certification...

phred at teleport.com phred at teleport.com
Mon Apr 26 03:04:58 UTC 1999

Clearly one of the issues for the OSI board is how to characterize its
certification process.  Any process like this is subject to a variety of
issues and pressures, one of which is "regulatory capture" (one that
has significantly affected the development of HTTP and HTML, for example),
where the regulated entities attempt to control the scope and nature of
the process.  Another is what we might call "forward spin control," where
the ruling by a regulatory or certification body is subject to later

In some ways these effects are the natural byplay of this sort of process.
But even as the OSI board considers its decision on the APSL, it is very
important also to be thinking about how to characterize both its deliberative
process and the actual nature of this first and to some degree defining
ruling, to minimize the potential for regulatory capture and forward spin


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