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Gabe Wachob gwachob at
Thu Apr 15 17:16:39 UTC 1999

Paul Nathan Puri wrote:

> On Thu, 15 Apr 1999 phred at wrote:
> > My recollection of Patricia Samuelson's talk at the Open Source Developer Day
> > last August was that she was more favorable to the enforceability of the GPL,
> > NatePuri.  I don't want to beat a horse that may already be dead, but this
> > gets very close to the heart of the purpose of this list to begin with,
> > which is enforceability of a given license within the context of open source.
> Who is Patricia Samuelson?  Can I find a web version of her talk?  The
> more information the better for me.  In any case, I think any license is
> enforceable to the extent that it manifests the intent of the licensor,
> and this is dependent on the extent to which the license also can be
> specifically applied to a given author's code.

Her name is Pamela Samuleson -- ironically I just contacted her yesterday about
this (she came to UC Berkeley in my third year of law school there). I'm surprised
that she didn't mention this talk.

> > I'd be interested if you or others have further thoughts specifically on
> > enforceability with regard to the GPL and other open source-like licenses.

I've asked about this and I am pretty sure we
( published at least one article
touching on this, but its hard to find stuff on that site right now.. I'll
continue to ask around.


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