Bone up on Copyright and TM

Gabe Wachob gwachob at
Thu Apr 15 03:46:50 UTC 1999

Hey folks, I notice a lot of  holes in folks' knowledge about copyright.
Its really important that everyone understands what copyright and
trademark are if we are going to talk about licenses (a license is,
after all, a contract whereby one party (the licensor) gives up certain
exclusive rights normally granted to them by copyright or some other
intellectual property regime to a licensee in exchange for something
else -- usually money, but in the case of open source, the promise to
redistribute modifications and some other important terms).

Anyway, please see our copyright page:

And here are some links I think are good to check out: -- Stanford (C) and fairuse site
Feist v. Rural Telephone Service -  - The
Copyright FAQ - The Copyright Title
of the US Code


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