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Big shout out to Taconic Hills! Welcome!

On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 3:28 PM, Patrick Masson <masson at opensource.org>

> Hi All,
> I just wanted to give you all a few updates...
> We're very excited to share that Kris Navratil, Maple Hill Middle School
> Tech Teacher, Dr. Michele McColgan, Professor of Physics, Siena College,
> and Madeline Hagen, a senior at Siena and Student Mentor for Urban
> Scholars, will present at "All Things Open" (https://allthingsopen.org/),
> the largest open source conference on the East coast. The group will run a
> workshop intoducing the FLOSS Desktops project, and how attendees can start
> up their own local efforts. I am very thankful to the *Open Source
> Initiative* (http://opensource.org) and especially *Linux Fund* (
> http://www.linuxfund.org/), who provided funding for the team's travel
> to, and accommodations in Raleigh, North Carolina.
> We've updated the curriculum:
>    - "MAKE 3: Computer Identification" now includes pictures of the
>    individual computer components, rather than a picture of an assembled
>    computer (a specific model, for example a "Dell Optiplex 775"). These
>    general images remove the need to change out the image in the packets to
>    match the computers your kids may be using. It also reduces confusion, as
>    some students were expecting to see the same configuration in their
>    computers as presented in the packets (thanks for the idea Siena College
>    Urban Scholars!).
>    - We've added a new definition for RAM memory based on feedback from
>    the "Libre Lions" at North Colonie CSD's Loudonville Elementary.
>    - We moved "MAKE 5: BIOS Identification," to before "MAKE 6: Wipe Your
>    Hard Drive," as kids will need to get into the BIOS to set their boot order
>    to start-up from DBAN and wipe their drives.
>    - We made MAKE 7: Network Cabling & Access, a stand-alone MAKE
>    (previously it was a suggested MAKE). We had a few participants that wanted
>    to include it, but it also is a nice prerequisite for the Linux install
>    MAKE as the systems need network connectivity to download updates, and
>    those evil proprietary 3rd party apps--we're talking about you Adobe Flash
>    ;-)
>    - We've added a new MAKE (MAKE 8), "Get your Computer ‘Operating’"
>    which gets kids to think about operating systems by comparing devices they
>    may use, e.g. what OS is running on their iPhone or Droid, or even devices
>    they may not think of as computers: Kindles, a cable box, Roku, or even
>    family car's info-tainment system, etc.
>    - MAKE 9, "Introduction to the Linux Operating System" is also new and
>    introduces the point and click features/functionality of Linux
>    - Make 12 is also new, and is the first step to "coding" using a
>    simple text editor "gedit." Like MAKE 3, which included a glossary of
>    computer hardware terms, a glossary of HTML tags is included so students
>    can explore the elements of a web page.
> We also want to add one more MAKE to get kids starting to code in a bit
> more of a formal/structured way. Mozilla has a great online resource,
> Thimble (https://thimble.mozilla.org/en-US/). It includes an online
> coding editor, which renders a completed web page in real time--kids see
> what they are coding as they type it. It also includes several projects
> with lesson plans. It is a great resource on its own, but I think it could
> serve as an excellent transition tool to move kids from FLOSS Desktops to
> programs like Hour of Code, Code-in, or even Summer of Code.
> A big thank you to Jim Yox, IT Director at Schodack CSD, who invited me to
> present the FLOSS Desktops program to the IT Directors group. After the
> event I was contacted by Ryan Proper, Technology Integration Specialist at
> Taconic Hills Central School District, with interest in starting up a local
> project. I went out just this week to give them a presentation, and was
> just informed that the district plans on beginning a new FLOSS Desktops
> program next Fall! Welcome Taconic Hills! (Ryan joined this email list too,
> so feel free to respond here to welcome him to the community.)
> If you know of any other districts, community groups or clubs that might
> be interested, send them along and I will be happy to talk about how they
> too can participate.
> Well it was bound to happen as we continue to grow. I've set up a Twitter
> account for the FLOSS Desktops project at https://twitter.com/
> FLOSSDesktops Please follow along and feel free to share you group's
> photos, updates, etc. I'll also be sure the Open Source Initiative account
> re-tweets anything that goes out there.
> As always, thank you so much to all of you who make the project work. Feel
> free to send along ideas, questions, etc. I am happy to help.
> Also remember, this email list and the project wiki (
> https://wiki.opensource.org/bin/Main/Projects/FLOSS+
> Desktop+Refurbishment+and+Distribution/) are for you! Feel free to send a
> note to the group over this email discussion list (just email
> flossdesktops at opensource.org) and it will go out to everyone, or post
> something to the wiki.
> Thanks again,
> Patrick
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