[FLOSS-Desktops] Asian Penguins at 2017 Hmong National Development Conference

Stuart Keroff stuartk at csemn.org
Wed Apr 26 00:52:53 UTC 2017


Early Saturday morning, the Asian Penguins made the trek to Milwaukee, WI
to present at the 2017 Hmong National Development Conference that same
afternoon. The kids did a wonderful job telling our story, and now it is
out there for the world to see, starting with *YOU!*

Stu Keroff

Maximus Lo

Monolisa Thao

Coreti Soe

Luther Siong

Q & A Time

Feel free to watch the videos, send them to your out of state relatives,
post them to Facebook and Twitter, and even do that Pinterest thing, if
you're into that.

Have a great day!

Mr. Stu Keroff
Community School of Excellence
Technology Coordinator
Asian Penguins Faculty Adviser
CSE Asian Penguins website <http://www.asianpenguins.org/>
CSE Asian Penguins You Tube Channel
Twitter -- @StuKeroff

*"We can't get this done until we really accept that we can get this done."
-- Bono*
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